How To Win The Lottery: Pick 3

How Does It Work?


The basic strategy of our winning system is this: All State Lottery games are fair and balanced "near perfect" lottery systems. They have to hit near perfect percentages for each number over time.

 In Pick 3, 10 numbers means each number has a 10% chance of hitting on each lottery draw. 

Your State lottery spends millions of dollars each year making sure their lottery is as close to perfect as possible so no one has an "edge" on winning.

What We Do

How To Win The Lottery

Our system looks at your State lottery results and figures out what lottery numbers are due

The way this is done is pretty simple. Let's think about flipping a coin. Since each number has a 10% chance of coming up on each lottery drawing. 

We figure out which numbers are "overdue" to show up and help you choose the right combinations of those to play.

Where Can I Use It


 Our pick 3 number system can be  used for winning lottery results in FL, TX, NY, CA, VA, GA, IL, MA, OH,  MD, OH, OR, PA, RI, ID, ME, MT, ND, SD, VT, WY, AZ, IN, TN, MO, WI, SC,  LA, KY, CT, OK, AR, KS, NC, MN, CO, AZ, IA, WA, NJ, NH and with most other Pick 3, Cash 3 and Daily 3 lotteries worldwide. 

Winning The Lottery

Find A System That Works

You need to find a Pick 3 lottery system that has been shown to work over and over again. It doesn't matter if it wins everyday, you just need a lottery system that returns more money than you spend!

Don't Play Hunches

Stop using birthdays or fortune cookies or your family member's ages. The worst mistake that people make is assuming that the lottery results are completely random so their method of choosing lottery numbers doesn't matter. This is just plain wrong.

Play Responsibly

Try the winning lottery system by starting small and monitoring your results. After you play a few times and feel more comfortable about how it works, then you can ramp up your efforts for really stellar results!

How To Win The Lottery: Pick 3


Customers Say It Best

"Two winners in my first week" - CA Daily 3 winner

"It lowers your daily cost so you can keep playing until you win." - NY winner

"I played 5 numbers straight for only 3 days and hit!" - NJ winner

"I can't believe how much simpler it's made the Pick 3." - GA winner

"$7 total this week won $500" - OH Pick 3 winner

"It's so much easier now to play and win!" - FL Pick 3 winner

"Thank you for this and God bless you." - VA Pick 3 winner

Winning Lottery Results
Winning Lottery Results

How Our Winning Lottery System Works

It Reviews Your State's Lottery Results

winning lottery system

It Calculates What Is Due

pick 3 lottery system

You Play Your Combinations

how to win the lottery

Buy A Winning Lottery System

Why play the Pick 3 or Cash 3 lottery with no strategy and waste your money. 

Stop procrastinating and take action!